Española Island

Albatrosses, Boobies and Others

Located two hours from San Cristóbal, Española is the southernmost island and one of the oldest in all of the Galápagos archipelago. The island’s flat profile is extremely dry with only a few inches of rain per year.

Nesting Blue-footed Boobie with eggs.
Nesting Blue-footed Boobie with eggs.

Despite the dry climate the island is one of the world’s only known nesting sites for the Waved Albatross (aka Galapagos Albatross). From April to December this island is covered with these adorably clumsy birds. Blue-Footed and Nazca Boobies as well as many other bird species also call this island home.

Crossing the path of blue whales en route to Española island.
Crossing the path of blue whales en route to Española island.

Another unique species found only on Española Island is the Green and Red Marine Iguana (also known as Christmas Iguanas). Quite often you will be greeted by these colorful reptiles. A visit to Gardner Bay for some open water snorkeling completes this island visit. Whale sightings are common (but not guaranteed) during the open water cruise to/from San Cristóbal Island.

"From the moment you land you will be treated like a VIP. A team member will meet you on every evening before your next day's activity for a short brief. They'll also follow up to make sure everything went well and that you had no issues."
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