Sierra Negra Volcano

Hike to Another Planet

The Sierra Negra volcano is one of five volcanos on the island of Isabela, and boasts the second largest volcanic caldera in the world.

Group on edge of Sierra Negra caldera.
Group on edge of Sierra Negra caldera.

On this day tour you can hike to the rim of the six mile wide crater and then trek across an alien landscape of lava fields and fumaroles on your way back down the mountain.

Group on rim of Sierra Negra caldera.
Group on rim of Sierra Negra caldera.

The Sierra Negra is one of the most active volcanoes in the Galapagos, with the last eruption in 2016. Though you probably won’t see any flowing lava, you will have the opportunity to explore thermal vents and other fascinating geologic features in this highly active geothermal area.

Hike past ancient lava formations
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