Slow Food Galapagos Conscience Travel

Sustainable Farming & Food Traditions

Galapagos Alternative is excited to announce our partnership with Slow Food International to offer our Slow Food Conscience Travel experience. Our Slow Food adventure is designed to promote the preservation of local food traditions and strives to provide communities access to good, clean, fair food.

Organic carrots pulled fresh from the soil - Slow Food Culinary Tour

Galapagos Slow Food Travel

Our Galapagos Islands Slow Food experience gives you access to the incredible diversity of the islands in the water and on land. Human settlements in the Galapagos are relatively new and their cultural identity is evolving like the animals. The island’s food traditions are an amalgam of the regions and countries Galapagos modern residents have brought with them.

Sustainable Cuisine

In line with the Slow Food ethos, this tour aims to educate about the importance of building sustainable food sources in the islands, fostering the development of the Galapagos food culture as well as exposing you to the amazing wildlife that make the Galapagos islands so special. You will learn about the local initiatives working to build a food identity based on sustainability and savor the incredible gastronomic dishes this unique ecosystem cultivates.

Encourage Local Projects

Since Slow Food endeavors in the Galapagos Islands are in their infancy, your visit helps us encourage their development by supporting community farms and local business.

Coming Soon: Mashpi Cloud Forest Slow Food Travel Experience

By teaming up with our Slow Food community members in mainland Ecuador for our Mashpi Cloud Forest tour we have created a remarkable way to support sustainable farming, forest regeneration and responsible tourism.

Tour through a Cloud Forest

This newly created itinerary focuses on the Mashpi-Guaycuyacu-Sahuangal Sustainable Conservation and Use Area (ACUS), a Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO as a conservation and sustainable development zone. This unique ecosystem includes the Chocó Nacional Cacao Presidium, where 12 farming families are using permaculture techniques to sustainably cultivate the native cacao seeds which are known as Nacional cacao.

Permaculture in the Andes

The itinerary includes visits to one of the first organic permaculture farms in Ecuador, a forest regeneration school, and the Chocó Nacional Cacao Presidium. While touring this region you will travel through different stages of regenerated forest and learn about the local reforestation projects in progress.

Promoting Responsible Tourism

With this tour we hope to inspire and encourage community-based tourism by contributing to local economies and guide training programs. For the final dinner your chef will incorporate local ingredients to create unique flavors only possible in this region.

See where chocolate comes from on our Slow Food Ecuador tour.

Savor the bounty of the local sustainable harvests.

Enjoy unique varieties of familiar flavors.

Appreciate the finer points of Slow Food cuisine.

Learn about permaculture and sustainable farming.

Delight in the uncommon delicacies of the regions.

Contribute to local farming communities.

"The service before and during the trip was excellent, everything was considered and taken care of, changes (that always occur) were managed perfectly well, I never had to worry."
- Marc E.
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